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 1515 S. Seventh
 Ann Arbor, MI  48103
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Rec&Ed offers a number of swimming programs designed to help people of all ages and abilities learn to enjoy the water in a safe environment.

"I love the helpful, upbeat, and fun nature of all the teachers and guards!" -Abby P.

aquatics: stacie_kickboards.jpg

"(The children) got a lot of attention and learned a lot - they also loved it and had fun!"
- Carol Sutton

What Makes Us Different?

  • We offer small classes (6:1 or 8:2 student:teacher ratio) to ensure individual attention.
  • We focus on having fun as well as skill progression to help students enjoy the water and overcome their fear.
  • Our levels are broken down by both age and skill level to make sure each student is challenged appropriately.
  • Our staff is highly trained in our level system to provide consistent and unified instruction across classes.
  • Rec&Ed puts safety first! A certified lifeguard is on duty at all times.
  • We believe that children learn best without using flotation devices. No belts, water wings, or lifejackets are used in any of our classes.
  • Our classes are structured to teach a logical skill progression and organized to provide a full class of instruction, not free swim.

"The instructors were patient. They used the right amout of 'push' without making
(my child) scared."
- Sheri A.

Contact Information:

Aquatics Supervisor
(734) 994-2300 ext. 53232

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Winter 2011 Staff
Back Row:     Lindsay S., Jessica B., John R., Sarah K., Kyle S., Jack C., Stacie G.
Middle Row:     Stephanie A., Sarah H., Emily B., Alice K., Mariesha L., Christie V., Emily B.
Front Row:     Ashley T., Abby P.                 Not Pictured: Patti B.

"My sons gained tremendous confidence and skill thanks to the positive and patient attention the instructors gave them... They are much more excited about swimming now and they are prepared for the next level. Thank you!" - Stacey Duke

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