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Rec&Ed is proud to offer scholarships to permanent residents who meet specific very low HUD income guidelines. While recreation is often considered to be an "extra" in life, sometimes participating in an enjoyable activity can be a lifeline to a child or an adult. Our programs provide relaxation, physical activity, learning or just fun for scholarship participants who may be dealing with hardships in their lives. Certain Rec&Ed programs have a limited number of scholarships available.

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Sponsoring a Scholarship

Rec&Ed has received more requests this year than ever before from citizens wanting to sponsor a whole scholarship for an individual. Recently, one person anonymously paid for a week of camp for a child and another person paid for 9 scholarships for drawing classes. The Burns Park Players provides scholarships specifically to help children participate in Cultural Arts classes and camps.  If you would like to sponsor a scholarship or contribute to the Rec&Ed Scholarship fund, contact Donna Dishman at (734) 994-2300, ext. 53223, or by e-mail at


Donating When You Register

You can easily contribute to the Rec&Ed scholarship fund by donating a $1 when you register. Simply add a $1 or more in the space indicated in the lower right corner of the Rec&Ed registration form and add that amount to your payment. Online, you can contribute by clicking on "donations," typing in the amount you would like to give and putting your contribution in your shopping cart. Your contribution will be included in the total amount you pay with your credit card.


Thank You

Scholarship contributions will allow us to continue offering generous scholarships for those who most need them. Thanks to everyone who has contributed.


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