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Enrollment and Parent Handbooks 

2013-14 Enrollment
Instructions for Online Registration for School Age Child Care

Online Registration Link

SACC 2013-14 Parent Handbook

2013 - 2014 SACC

The AAPS Rec&Ed SACC Program is pleased to announce online registration for the 2013-14 SACC program. Online registration is the preferred method of enrollment for the 2013-14 school year and does not require completing paperwork.

Families can access the new online registration system using the following URL:

If you cannot enroll online and need an enrollment packet,
please call the Rec&Ed office at 734-994-2300 ext. 0.

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 2013-2014 Program Fee Information
Fees are based on your child's schedule. You are charged by the month for scheduled childcare sessions on actual school days only. Invoices are mailed the 1st of each month and show the itemized fees for service to be provided during the upcoming month. (For example, the bill for September childcare should arrive around August 1st. Exception: Flex schedules are billed for the current month.) No credits or deductions will be made for sick days, family vacation days, school camp days or field trips, snow days or other emergency school closings. Fees due at the time of enrollment include the Registration Fee, Maintenance Fee if enrolled in Flex Program and the upcoming monthly fees for any registrations received on or after the 15th of the preceding month of service.

Registration Fee 

$50 per registration 

Maintenance Fee (Flex Program Only)

$150 per registration ($75 for single semester) 

 Before School Care Fee per Session


After School Care Fee per Session 

$11.25 ($15 for AA Open Students) 

  Before School "Drop-In" Care Fee per Session


After School "Drop-In" Care Fee per Session

$13 ($17 for AA Open Students) 


2013-2014 Program Enrollment Deadlines

Enrollments submitted by 12 noon on any Wednesday have an effective start date of the following Monday.

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